Benjamin Falkner


Born 02/01/1982
Residence Aachen


Solving problems with physical background, analysis of datasets, developing efficient methods, image reconstruction, cryo-electron microscopy, parallel computing, simulation, finite differences methods, Monte Carlo methods and crystallography. Further education theories of math and physics with a focus on connecting different phenonemas with general theories.
Using different devices like mobile phones, PC's and microcontrollers to make life easier. The focus is on education and home entertainment.


2012 - today Nelly-Sachs-Gymnasium Neuss
2009 - 2012 SchoderLab at FZ Jülich
2009DLR-Cologne (Germany's national research center for aeronautics and space), Institute for space biology and school lab (Internship).
2008Anne Frank Gymnasium, teaching (Internship).
2006Berufskolleg Eschweiler, teaching (Internship).
2005Gymnasium Laurentianum Arnsberg, teaching (Internship).


Studienreferendar 2012 - today

Nelly-Sachs-Gymnasium Neuss / ZfsL Neuss. Studienreferendar to become a teacher for math and physics.

Ph.D. in Theoretical Biophysics 2009 - 2012

FZ Jülich / University Düsseldorf. Institute of Complex Systems (ICS) 6 in the group for Computational Structural Biology (CSB). Main aspects: Analysis of conformational changes in cryo-electron microscopy, validation methods, 3D reconstruction, optimization, refinement. (Magna Cum Laude)
Advisor: G. F. Schröder.

Diploma in Math and Physics 2004 - 2009

RWTH Aachen. Diploma and 1st State Exam as teacher of math and physics (Diplom-Gymnasiallehrer). Minor subjects: Psychology and Education. Projects: Development of a digital pinhole camera and methods for math education based constructivism (learning theory).

Computer Science 2002 - 2004

RWTH Aachen. Undergraduate studies.


B. Falkner and G.F. Schröder. Cross-validation in cryo-electron microscopy based structural modeling. PNAS, (2013)110(22):8930-8935.[PDF]
B. Falkner. Principal Motion Analysis - Analysis of Conformational Variances in Cryo-Electron Microscopy. PhD Thesis, HHU Düsseldorf, 2012. [PDF]
B. Falkner. Intentionale Probleme zum Ableitungsbegriff - Konstruktivistische Ideen zur Gestaltung des Mathematikunterrichts. Diploma Thesis, RWTH Aachen, 2009. [PDF]


2011Workshop on Single Particle Reconstruction, Validation and Analysis, NCMI at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.
2010BioScience, FZ-Jülich, Jülich.
2010Modeling of Cryo-EM map Workshop, NCMI at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.


Main Skills

Math, physics, analysis, statistics, image registration, 3D reconstruction, scientific visualization, software engineering and simulations.

Software engineering

C/C++ (5+ years), Unix programming, parallel programming using MPI and OpenMP (with certificate), GPGPU using OpenGL, OpenCL and CUDA (with certificate), math optimization/approximation using assembler and SSE.
Java (PC and Android), Python (with certificate), JavaScript, Awk and Bash.
SQL Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Image Processing

Fourier space methods and filter, Fourier 3D reconstruction, basics EMAN and FreAlign.

Scientific Visualisation

Paraview (with certificate) and OpenGL/GLSL.


German (native language);
English (fluent).

Other Activities


My daughter and my wife are my inspiration and incitation.


Biking (race), skiing/snowboarding and jogging.


3D FX-Design (Sidefx Houdini), e-bass and guitar.