Benjamin Falkner
This page is still in development.


I'm developing software solution for computational physics and education. My Focus is on keeping everything as simple, small and fast as possible. Today a lot of software has blown up and makes computations slow. For a lot of applications this is acceptable because the CPUs, GPUs, ... go faster and faster. But if you take a Computer that is older than 3-4 year everything is slow. In my Ph.D. I had to develop a software to analyse high dimensional datasets and the first software solved the problem on a cluster in 2-4h. This was ok, faster than other implementations that performed similar tasks. All work was done in C to be fast. After some time I saw the problem, I should change my way of thinking about problems. It is important, what a program should do. I rewrote the program and was now able to perform the same calculation on a desktop pc in 5 minutes. The most time was spend on IO. So a program should solve a problem as fast as possible and just solve the problem.

Here I will show more and more simulation techniques using OpenGL, especially webGL.


I'm sharing my work for german schools here to help other teachers and to improve education.


Eve is the attempt to build a fast small Linux, which can run on old or small systems. It will help to develop small servers for different tasks. The idea is to setup a cheap home server based on a raspberry pi or connect some old compiters as a cluster for parrallel computing.